General improvements to Focus Mode

Some time ago we introduce a Focus Mode on the Monitoring Page where you could look only at a single machine’s information so you could more easily debug it.

We just shipped more improvements to the focus page. Head out to any App v2 Monitoring Page and click on any machine ID.

Basic machine information

Each machine has its own set of configs so it makes sense to show it in detail. Plus a quick button to open in our hosted Grafana because we love fly-metrics.

Mounts and File System Blocks

If you ever needed to deal with volumes before it’s likely you needed to know how much was used already. This info was already available on fly-metrics but it makes sense for this to be here, a place where you’d want to be when debugging your machine.

Curious how those used sizes are calculated? We just queried our own Prometheus source. Did you know you can GET that too? Metrics on · Fly Docs

prometheus_query = """
fly_instance_filesystem_blocks{app=~"^#{app_name}$", instance="#{machine_id}"} * fly_instance_filesystem_block_size{app=~"^#{app_name}$", instance="#{machine_id}"} - fly_instance_filesystem_blocks_avail{app=~"^#{app_name}$", instance="#{machine_id}"} * fly_instance_filesystem_block_size{app=~"^#{app_name}$", instance="#{machine_id}"}

Health checks are open by default

I lost track of how many times I’ve opened focus mode and then opened health checks. Why not leave it open already?

Machine metadata and events

There’s been a lot of interesting things being done to machine metadata recently so we should highlight them more! Plus it doesn’t hurt to show machine events there too.

That’s it for now folks. See you around!


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