Friday flyctl update: M1 builds and new VM commands

Native Apple M1 Builds

We’re finally providing flyctl binaries for Apple M1 devices. Huzzah!

If you already have flyctl installed, run flyctl version update to upgrade. Otherwise follow the installation instructions or head straight to Github Releases.

This was a bit of an upgrade, including go 1.16 and several critical dependencies, such as Docker. The amd64 builds are stable in production, but our testing pool for M1 is smaller – only @Jerome :slight_smile: He said it’s been stable, but let us know if you have any issues, particularly with installation or deploys.

New VM commands

We’ve added 3 new commands to help you manage individual VMs.

# Request for a VM to be asynchronously restarted.
flyctl vm restart

# Request for a VM to be asynchronously stopped.
flyctl vm stop

# Show a VM's current status including logs, checks, and events.
flyctl vm status

We’ve been using the heck out of these while testing failover and upgrades for our upcoming postgres apps. Now you can play chaos monkey too!


:green_apple: needs to hurry up with the bigger Macbook Pros.