Frequent email list mess-ups

It’s becoming increasingly embarrassing how many emails I’m getting from apologising for emails they’ve sent me in error.

Once or twice is forgivable but I’m beginning to worry if your email system is that bad, what does your infra code look like!?

What are you doing to prevent this in the future, would love to hear from your CEO about what action is being taken to avoid future email faux pas.

Hi @missinglink, we had an incident a couple of weeks ago that triggered up to two emails to be sent to users in error. It’s possible that you got multiple lots of two if you’re in more than one organisation that was affected by this bug.

We sent emails to those we believed to have been affected by this incident; again, you may have gotten multiple if you’re in multiple organisations. We could definitely do better here - we prioritised getting the email out above other concerns, because it was about billing and we wanted to calm any raised nerves.

Did you receive emails other than these? We’re definitely not trying to bombard you, we’d like to improve process around this for sure.

Here are a couple I found in my email from this year

There is also an issue with HTML encoding:

Ah yes okay I see, I can definitely understand (and agree) it’s annoying to get lots of emails!

We absolutely try to avoid sending emails where possible but we do make mistakes at times and we’ve heard from many of our users that they’d rather be informed about these mistakes, especially those that involve billing, than for us to sweep them under the rug.

Would you mind if I turned the question around? Would you have preferred not to receive these emails? What’s your ideal way to be contacted about issues like those addressed in the emails? We’re looking to improve and would love some feedback around this.

Would you have preferred not to receive these emails?

We all make mistakes, I appreciate that you’re owning your mistakes and keeping users informed, although getting 4 emails in 4 days about a single issue is too much IMO:

That said, I don’t think the problem is to do with the quantity of emails, rather it’s to do with the quality of them.

In particular sending apologies with HTML encoding issues and without your standard header and footer feels rushed.

We’re looking to improve and would love some feedback around this

Some suggestions:

  1. Improve the testing of your transactional emails before they are sent in bulk. The IPv4 issue and the Trial expiry issue were both preventable with more testing.

  2. Fix the HTML encoding issue. It affects Gmail on the web & on mobile, someone in your org should have noticed these issues and reported them.

  3. Consider that for a trial user like myself, a large percentage of the emails I receive (~50%) are apologising for technical issues. This affects my perception of the product and my likelihood to upgrade to a paid plan.