flyctl v0.0.557 hangs on auth docket

fly auth docker hangs forever on version v0.0.557. works ok with v0.0.556

here’s the debug log

LOG_LEVEL=DEBUG fly auth docker
DEBUG Loaded flyctl config from/home/circleci/.fly/config.yml
DEBUG determined hostname: "5f2c17a3b438"
DEBUG determined working directory: "/home/circleci"
DEBUG determined user home directory: "/home/circleci"
DEBUG determined config directory: "/home/circleci/.fly"
DEBUG ensured config directory exists.
DEBUG ensured config directory perms.
DEBUG cache loaded.
DEBUG config initialized.
DEBUG initialized task manager.
DEBUG skipped querying for new release
DEBUG client initialized.
DEBUG Config has metrics token

Thanks for the report @diegostem! It looks like v0.0.557 introduced a bug in this command. I think this can be fixed quickly; I’ll follow up when it is.

flyctl v0.0.558 was just released with a fix.

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