flyctl auth login 500 error

I’m getting a 500 error when running flyctl auth login. The browser window opens and it just says

Whoa, something’s up…

Looks like we’re having some issues. Try again later, or feel free to contact us if the problem persists.

any ideas?

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Same here.

Tried multiple times, using a Mac with latest Ventura and Firefox (on latest update too).

A small update:

I managed to login with the cli by login out of the web and then trying flyctl auth login again.

The web did still complain about a 500 but the cli was authed.


Exact same behaviour as described above and confirmed the @franciscoj workaround.

Facing same issue. Logging in interactively using flyctl auth login -i works.


Thanks for reporting, folks. We are taking a look.

We shipped a fix, it should be working now.

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