Error 500 Trying to Login on Web

I tried Safari and Chrome in normal and incognito mode but am always receiving “Error 500” trying to login to my account. It was working yesterday.
Fly Status shows all operational:
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I am encountering the same issue.

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Running into the same too - nothing on the status page yet

same issue here.

It gives me the same error, but if I try to access the dashboard directly it works:
Dashboard · Fly

Fly support just responded saying this is fixed:

Hi Paul — thanks for reporting this. Our team’s rolled out a fix and you should be able to access your dashboard now.

We’ll have a posthumous update on the status page shortly.


Hey everyone! In case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the status page update (mentioned above) that we backfilled to reflect the issue causing our website to be inaccessible earlier: Status - Elevated errors from

The site’s been back up since ~07:41 CST – you should have no trouble logging now :slight_smile:


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