Fly ssh with custom network

One of the coolest things about the Fly platform (imo) is our private networking. All the apps in an org are on one big happy wireguard network, meaning you can connect between machines across your org like they were right next to each other. There are, however, some situations where you don’t actually want your apps on the same network. Say you have an org with an app per tenant, you don’t need those tenants being able to poke at each other. Thankfully you can specify a custom network name for a given app flyctl apps create --network example.

Up until now fly ssh console and other flyctl networking commands didn’t work with an app on a custom network.

This is a post to inform you (yes, you!) that now they do (in flyctl v0.2.32).

Connecting to fdaa:9:1af7:a7b:e:5a1:f0a8:2... complete
root@e784256dc51078:/# echo "happy trails"
happy trails

I didn’t know about the custom network. It looks like there’s no way to set it up after the app creation, do you have any plans to add that functionality?

There isn’t a plan for that at the moment. Is the idea that you’d want to take an existing app and switch it to its own network?

Yes. More precisely, we just want to isolate existing app from other apps.