fly ssh: Error establish key failed: key exists and override not set


I’m having issues running flyctl ssh establish on my network (the-electives-network)
Error establish key failed: key exists and override not set


You shouldn’t need to run establish more than once. The UX for this is a mess, but the flow is:

  1. fly ssh establish once for an organization
  2. fly ssh issue each time you need a key

If you want to redo establishment for some reason, you can run fly ssh establish <org> true to override.

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What am I doing wrong here? I had run flyctl ssh establish previously

$ fly ssh issue --agent
? Select organization:  ***
? Email address for user to issue cert: ***@***

Populated agent with cert: ***==
$ flyctl -a production ssh console
Error create ssh certificate: issue_certificate failed: no root key established (if you haven't created a key for your org yet, try `flyctl ssh establish`)

Replying privately to get info.

Hi Kurt,
I tried running “fly ssh establish true” to override my establish. My org name is and I keep receiving an error. What is the correct syntax for this command?

Looking at the docstrings for the most recent flyctl’s ssh subcommand, it seems that we’ve streamlined the UX a bit, so that you no longer need to run fly ssh establish.

What version of flyctl are you using, and what kind of error message does running fly ssh establish true generate?

Oh okay got it.
I am using fly v0.0.334 darwin/amd64 Commit: 5142958 BuildDate: 2022-06-15T14:35:04Z

Thanks for sending this over! I think I understand a bit better what might be happening. If you’ve done something to change your app’s 6PN address (like change the org or re-create the app), then you’d see this behavior.

In that case you can follow the error message and remove that line from your known_hosts file

We have a couple of blog posts that cover both private networking and ssh on our platform in more detail:

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