Fly postgresql not stopping despite no app attached to it

My Fly-Postgres instance doesn’t scale down to 0 - and stays up all the time.

Initially I had it attached to an app - and despite the app being shutdown previously, and now the app is completely deleted, Postgres still stays up.

I had explicitly set the Postgres to scale_to_zero and it is not behaving as such. Any idea why? And how I can debug this?

I’m on a legacy hobby plan which is free and don’t wish to accrue any resource usage specially when not being used. Thanks for the help.

Hi… In that case, you can fly m stop -a your-db-app-name to manually shut it down.

Without apps attached, it shouldn’t really wake back up on its own, :zzz:

Added postgres

This helped me automatically stop the Postgresql when not in use now.

fly machines update myMachineID --autostop=true --app myAppName

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