Fly Postgres Cluster on V1

Is there any way to create postgres clusters in V1 (nomad)

Hey there,

Is there a specific issue you’re running into with PG on Machines?

To be honest, I don’t know how to manage them.
Actually, I am facing error in deploying as well as i need to create multiple clusters for multi region implementation. Things were kinda fine before this.

@amirhussain I’m sorry to hear that!

Would you be able to post the errors you’re seeing? Also, if you have any management questions, let us know and we can see if we can help you out.

This is the main hurdle for me at the moment.

Sometimes it deploys and no version change is reflected in the Fly app UI. Deploying the app for the first time works fine but after some time i get the above issue. I have tried adding the queue_target but still same issue.

@amirhussain Huh, are you able to connect to your database via fly postgres connect --app <pg-app-name> ? Anything interesting in your PG logs?

Actually, my main concern is to implement Multi region postgres and have multiple apps in different regions. V2 is giving me a lot of trouble to implement that. Is there any way to create V1 postgres apps?

@amirhussain What kind of concerns do you have?

Right now, the approach to scale into different regions with V2 is to use the clone command:

fly machines clone <existing-pg-machine-id> --region <target-region>

While there is a way to provision V1 using the --nomad flag, we do have intentions of migrating people to V2 in the near future. That being said, if you’re having issues we’d really like to understand more about them so we can address them.

I reverted my db apps to the nomad ones but if you are going to shift them to V2 then let me just create them again.

I have deployed them with the V2 and now i have V2 machines. What is my next step now.

fly status --app <db-app-name>

The above code gives me the list of machines in my DB app and i have leader and replica defined in different regions. Leader is in cdg and replica is in fra.

Now my question is why do we not have the below code in Elixir in the tutorial and where do i need to put the below code to make it work and how to attach the replica with the fra region app.

Hi @amirhussain,

What tutorial are you referring to? The code for the multi-region Postgres support in Elixir is in fly_postgres and it’s dependency fly_rpc.

yes @Mark, i have implemented that and i am facing a new issue. Can you please answer me there?