Fly NodeJS Contractor Help

Hi All,

We’re trying to find someone familiar with for some contracting help. We’ve been running into some issues, and it’s been hard for us to understand how we should be optimizing our apps (ie. load testing, fly scaling optimization, etc…).

If you have experience with fly or scaling NodeJS apps, we’d love to hear from you for some part-time contracting work. Please email me at if you’re interested.


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fly scaling optimization

Ha! I’d prefer to simply use fly’s built-in autoscaling (if not using experimental features such as multi-process and mounts) once I’ve profiled how many reqs (preferably mimicking a real world pattern) my nodejs app can service before it breaks.

Depending on eng budget and timelines, it’d not hurt to bake in caching / workload isolation / admission control / load shedding / traffic shaping of some sort in the nodejs app if you’re expecting thundering herds. Easier said than done, of course.