running on Balena Cloud kiosk mode without auth

Yo! We’re loving the out-of-the-box Grafana instance we get for apps, it truly Just Works™️

One thing I’d love to get running and can’t figure out an easy way to. We have a big useless TV in our office and in true startup fashion, we think it would be neat to put our metrics on the screen. It offers basically zero tangible benefit but it just looks cool

Anyway, so I have a raspberry pi wired up to this TV and it’s running Balena Cloud which is basically a networked headless device control service.

The problem is, isn’t publicly accessible as far as I know, and since this device has no keyboard attached I can’t sign in to an authenticated Fly account to access the dashboard. In a previous workplace, I think we just had a .internal domain and it was whitelisted for access from within the network.

Is there a way I can whitelist an IP? We don’t really have an elaborate office network setup so there’s no VPN in place but perhaps a simple IP whitelist could work (assuming our office IP doesn’t change)

I’d love to hear some ideas or possible solutions we can play with what provides already in terms of access/auth. Worst cast, I will probably just stop using headless OS like Balena and just stick a linux distro with a web browser and sign in to my Fly account manually.


There’s no way to bypass the authentication requirement. But you could also try installing a VNC server to remotely control the screen/keyboard/mouse.

Ah that sucks, makes sense though.

I tell ya what would be an amazing solution to this: if the existing Wireguard VPN setup could provide an internal domain like http://fly-grafana.internal that’s unauthenticated for accessing the Grafana dashboard (and other things)

Thanks for the reply though! I’ll probably go with the VNC solution.

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