Fly Machines: [error] Error 2: Internal problem

I’m not able to expose any ports using Fly Machines, visiting the “exposed” port returns an ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE and

proxy[677ebe30] ewr [error] Error 2: Internal problem

is logged for every request

For context: these machines have been booted using the GraphQL endpoint.

Oh, that’s a problem. The GraphQL endpoint was experimental, we need to disable it.

You’ll need to use this API to manage machines: Machines · Fly Docs

The proxy error might be related, we can debug it better if you create machines with that API and skip the GraphQL API.

Oh that might explain a lot of the weird issues I’ve been encountering with machines.
I’ll give the REST endpoint a try and update you on how it goes!

If you can delete all the existing machines (or the app that contains them), you should. That’s a good catch, that gql endpoint should not do anything anymore.

Yeah, will do. I’m assuming the GQL endpoint has been making bugged machines since I couldn’t attach volumes to them either and flyctl machines is unable to locate them.

On a sidenote, is there a way to pull WG creds over GQL? I’m trying to make this not depend on flyctl proxy.

Yes, something like:

mutation($input: AddWireGuardPeerInput!) {
  addWireGuardPeer(input: $input) {

Pub and private keys are created here in go: flyctl/wg.go at master · superfly/flyctl · GitHub