Fly machine snapshot + restore?

Hi! Knowing that Machines is built on top of Firecracker, are there plans for supporting snapshotting a machine, restoring it at a later time, and/or cloning a snapshot to spawn new pre-heated machines?

It looks like Machines currently can be stopped and restarted, but when they are they’re rebooted. From the docs:

Machines that are restarted are completely reset to their original state so that they start clean on the next run.

Firecracker is capable of snapshotting+restoring guest memory, so programs running when the machine is paused are resumed from where they left off.

Pausing/resuming to save money when idle would be much more valuable for me if done with snapshots (rather than rebooting) because my servers have long start times, so starting from a fresh boot would be slow, whereas resuming from snapshot could be effectively transparent.

Further, being able to spawn new machines by cloning a saved snapshot would allow me to scale horizontally much more easily.

Cheers, I always look forward to seeing what you folks come up with next!


And yeah, that’s planned for sometime this year™️ VM Snapshot vs Volume Snapshot - #3 by kurt