Fly Logshipper: Incorrect log level

I have two applications, both in node. for one I see the correct log-levels on betterstack, for the other app not.
I know that the logshipper is using vector. but how does the log-shipper know if I log a warning (console.warn), error (console.error) or info (console.log)? is there any documation about it?

this topic is similar to Fly Logshipper to BetterStack: log levels, but nobody has responded :confused:

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Unfortunately we read stdout from your Fly app so syslog levels are not detected ( we mark everything INFO ). You should be able to customize the vector config to help. Can you provide some sample logs? cc: @titocosta

thank you for our answer. but than why do I get the right log-level by another application[0]? is it working out of the box, when the logs have some specific format? if yes, what is the format the log-shipper is looking for? is there some documentation anywhere? I checked the GitHub - superfly/fly-log-shipper: Ship logs from fly to other providers code but I wasn’t able to find any-place where a log-format is configured. is this part of vector which is doing some magic?
or in other words: what does the log-shipper needs to get the log-level right

[0]: the app where it is working is remix, it is not working with a hono-server -probably remix isoverwriting console.log etc and they add the log log-level to the logged-message in production mode. not sure.

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