`fly logs` completely silent

App shows in the list, responds to requests, but fly logs shows nothing. I leave it running while making requests and still silence. Is it possible I’ve misconfigured something?


Is your app outputting logs on each request? We don’t log anything on HTTP requests from our end (unlike other hosting services).

If your app is logging something, then you should definitely see it. If that’s the case, can you DM me your app name so I can look into it more?

Maybe it should be clarified that the app needs to be logging to standard output to see logs.

app: falling-dew-9956

The app logs to stdout on every request.

@shon :thinking: I see your app has some logs, suggesting we’re collecting logs correctly.

What kind of app is it? (language, framework)

Written in Swift using Vapor.

According to Vapor: Basics → Logging

By default, Vapor will use info level logging. When run with the production environment, notice will be used to improve performance.
(emphasis mine)

Are you logging on every request with a level lower than notice? info is lower and therefore would not be logged with a level setting of notice.

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I was already deep into changes for the next deployment so I can’t verify on the version I was complaining about. Since the newest deployment, it’s working as the Vapor docs say. I’ll just take it as an oversight on my part. If it does start misbehaving, I’m now capturing some information that will help.

Thanks for the attention.

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