fly-log-shipper sends every log twice

Using fly-log-shipper and its working great… except it’s sending every log twice.

I think this is because of having a machine for ipv4 and ivp6 automatically provisioned. Is there a way to disabled this behavior and only have one?

Here’s what it looks like in my logging provider’s stream:



app = "test-logger"
primary_region = "ord"

image = ""

http_checks = []
internal_port = 8686

hi @whatplan

By default, two Machines deploy for availability. For the fly log shipper issue, you could try this solution: Fly Log Shipper Duplicate Logs on Apps v2 - #4 by charsleysa

Or you can scale down to one machine with fly scale count 1.

Your app should then stay at one machine when you deploy, but if you ever scale to zero then use fly deploy --ha=false to make sure you only get one Machine on deploy.

Thank you so much for linking that other post, I didn’t see it when I had searched before posting.

Also appreciate you moving along the docs pr, should help avoid this in the future

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