fly-log-shipper machines crashed, EXT4-fs (vda): VFS: Can't find ext4 filesystem

:wave: We’ve just noticed that we haven’t received any logs form our apps for the last 2 days… thankfully the apps themselves didn’t stop running and our services have not been interrupted for any users :pray:

But, we’re missing 2 days of logs… we use the fly-log-shipper to send our logs to New Relic at the moment and it looks like both our development and production organisation shippers stopped on Aug 10th @ 18:55:16 (for dev) and Aug 10th @ 18:56:03 (for prod).

I tried to restart them and both machines had this error initially:

2023-08-13T06:33:29.793 app[39080144a77687] syd [info] Starting init (commit: 083df78)...
2023-08-13T06:33:29.794 app[39080144a77687] syd [info] [ 0.084156] EXT4-fs (vda): VFS: Can't find ext4 filesystem
2023-08-13T06:33:29.795 app[39080144a77687] syd [info] Error: couldn't mount /dev/vda onto /rootfs, because: EINVAL: Invalid argument
2023-08-13T06:33:29.795 app[39080144a77687] syd [info] [ 0.085609] reboot: Restarting system
2023-08-13T06:33:29.850 app[39080144a77687] syd [warn] Virtual machine exited abruptly
2023-08-13T06:33:29.870 runner[39080144a77687] syd [info] machine exited with exit code 0, not restarting

Upon kicking them a second time (restarting again) they have come back to life and seem to be sending logs just fine now.

Opening the thread because it doesn’t seem like an issue with the images - more seems like something on the host went wrong?

  • Any idea what happened to these two machines?
  • Any suggestions for what we could add to monitor that our log-shippers are still online/sending logs?

Thanks :pray:

Sorry for the delay. Correct, the host where your log-shippers are running had a failure on 8/10. For redundancy, try setting up a standby machine.

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Ok, thanks for the reply - will look into a standby machine

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