Fly Kubernetes updates: Downward API, GPUs, headless services and service tokens

Fly Kubernetes (FKS) got a handful of fixes and improvements recently. Here’s a rundown:

The flyio-cluster-admin role now has full cluster permissions. This unblocks installation of software that creates custom resources (CRDs). When using this role, be careful not to delete or modify the resources created by

FKS supports the Kubernetes Downward API, allowing containers to query information about themselves. Many CRDs require the existence of files created by this API.

Kubernetes workloads may now be deployed on GPUs. Check out our docs for using GPUs with FKS.

Kubernetes headless services don’t require a cluster-internal IP (ClusterIP). Previously, If you created this kind of service, it would be assigned an IP address. No more.

FKS now generates tokens for service accounts. Custom resources that create their own service accounts usually need a token.

Thanks for your attention!


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