toml file issue

Cant seem to deploy without error: Says

Error: machine e784e775fe69e8 [app] has a volume mounted but app config does not specify a volume; remove the volume from the machine or add a [mounts] section to fly.toml

This is my toml file:

app = “fly-builder-rough-surf-958”

builder = “heroku/buildpacks:20”

internal_port = 8080
protocol = “tcp”

src = “vol_3q80vd82ej64gzy6” # Update this to match the actual volume name
dst = “/mnt/volume”

As you can see, clearly states the mounts and the vol is correct. Tried many times to no avail.Thoughts?


The fields on [[mounts]] should be source & destination rather than src & dst:

  source = "..."
  destination = "/mnt/volume"

The "vol_3q80vd82ej64gzy6" value that you have is the volume ID. If you run fly vol list then there’s a "NAME" column that will show what you named the volume. That name goes into the "source" field of [[mounts]].

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Now its says - Error: input:4: createRelease Deploying over the remote builder is not allowed.

Annnd now my server is in suspended status…

Your fly.toml is having the below, which indicates that the app is made for building images remotely.

app = “fly-builder-rough-surf-958”

This app is automatically made by and not designed to host your application. Could you make a new application instead?

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