Fly Deploy image does not exist on the daemon: not found Error

I have been deploying django website to fly since past 2 months but today when I ran fly deploy I got this error:
“Error: failed to fetch an image or build from source: failed to fetch builder image ‘Docker’: image Docker does not exist on the daemon: not found”

I haven’t changed anything… Please Advice.

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Hey, me too encountered that problem. I changed “latest” to “18”, and got this

Error: This builder image (heroku/buildpacks:18) is based upon the Heroku-18
stack, which has been end-of-life since April 30th, 2023:

The underlying Ubuntu 18.04 OS is no longer receiving security updates.
Apps still using this OS could be vulnerable.

Please switch to one of our newer 'heroku/builder:*' builder images:

So at this site (as written above) I found actual latest version of buildpacks, it’s “20”.

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