fly deploy failing on GitHub Actions because it's unable to find a previously built docker image

github action step failure

From what I can tell, it’s trying to find the kcd-remix image locally and can’t (which is the problem) so it tries on docker hub and then fails because it doesn’t have a docker hub token.

Anyone have an idea of how to make an image accessible between steps in github actions?

Here’s my workflow file: fix ts shared config due to new location · kentcdodds/remix-kentcdodds@b6da4ef · GitHub

@kentcdodds I think you need to use the load argument in your build action. This example shows how to export an image from buildkit to the docker daemon, so I assume it doesn’t happen by default for whatever reason. You can also try copying that last step into your workflow just after the build to see if the image is there.


That fixed it!

Now on to the next problem :sweat_smile: I think I’ve got this one handled though. Thanks a bunch!

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