`fly console` destroy machines with disconnected sessions

I use fly console almost daily… And similar to Fly app console machines does not allways close I’ve seen that many times there are machines that are left there not destroyed, from many days ago, and I need to manually destroy them.

I am sure that any SSH session that may have been established certainly is not active anymore, there isn’t anything specific running, etc. Because the computer that established has been turned off, or went to sleep, or internet connection was lost, etc.

Anything specific you’d suggest to maybe build a cron to destroy these machines? How could I check if there is any live SSH connections to them?

I would also suggest some new flag we could pass to fly console, so that users don’t need to build their own crons for it. “If the machine was started with console, is more than X time old, and has no live SSH connections, automatically destroy it”.

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