"fly auth login" no longer working after three months and a system wipe. can't figure out 'fly login' parameters

I installed the fly terminal app 7.11.2 from homebrew on my mac today. It has been four months since I logged in, at which time I successfully get up my two apps. I’m comfortable with the terminal. My computer was also wiped since the initial setup, so any saved credentials would be have been deleted. My apps are hosted under myapp.fly.dev and don’t redirect or do anything fancy, and I’m in the Hobby plan.

It appears ‘auth login’ is no longer a valid command for fly. When I type ‘fly login’, I get:
“error: name for the target must be specified (–target/-t)”

I have no idea what they mean by target. I have searched but see no steps. Can anyone point me in the right direction? This may sound basic but I am stumped.



You installed the CLI utility for Concourse CI (which is also coincidentally named fly) and not Fly.io’s flyctl.

The latest flyctl version is 0.2.55, while Concourse CI’s is 7.11.2 (matches what you have installed).

Please double-check instructions on how to install flyctl here: Install flyctl · Fly Docs

I also recommend uninstalling your existing fly first, if you don’t have/use Concourse CI.


  • Daniel

This makes a lot of sense, and explains why the flyctl command I used last time didn’t work. I was wondering why they would integrate with this other site.


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