Login/password reset problems

I can’t seem to login to my Fly account on a new device. It always says that either my email or password are incorrect, however, I know they are both correct (as I have just reset them).

I have to reset my password and then login again. Once my password is reset, it only works for the first login after the reset. If I log back out, I get the same error and then only way to access my account is by resetting the password again.

If this a known issue or am I doing something wrong?

Hey there!
Were you able to get into your account or are you still having this issue?


I’m still logged into my Fly account on my Mac but I can’t sign in on any other devices due to this issue. If I were to logout of my Fly account here, I’d have to reset my password (again!) to get back in

Hey! Are you using a password manager or something? Can you double check that the email you’re submitting when you login is the one we have for your user account?

I am not able to login to my account with the saved credentials, it says username not found or password did not match.
If I try to reset password using forget password, I am not getting the reset password link but it says link sent.