Files uploaded using `raw_value` in fly.toml aren't base64 encoded

I tried uploading a file as so:

  guest_path = "/path/to/hello.txt"
  raw_value = "foo"

According to the docs,

The contents of both raw_value and secret_name must be base64 encoded.

But when I tried this, the raw value was uploaded without base64 decoding.

Posting here since I’m not sure if it’s a bug in the docs, or maybe at some point in the past there was base64 decoding of raw_values but no longer?

So you’ve tried setting raw_value = "Zm9vCg==" and it wasn’t decoded to foo in /path/to/hello.txt?


Just tested again:

$ tail -n 3 fly.staging.sftp.toml

  guest_path = "/tmp/hello.txt"
  raw_value = "Zm9vCg=="

$ fly deploy -c fly.staging.sftp.toml

$ fly ssh console -a appname --pty -C "cat /tmp/hello.txt"

Ok, thanks for the report as it is definitely a regression.

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