Files removed from fly.toml persist in the app's VM after deploy

In one of my apps I added a file to the fly.toml configuration file:

  guest_path = "/etc/nginx/conf.d/test1.conf"
  local_path = "conf.d/test1.conf"

Later on I removed that file from the fly.toml configuration file. To my surprise, after fly deploy the file is still there in the VM.

I checked the machine using the web api (with the ruby gem) and still find this in its configuration:

      :raw_value=> "..."}

I guess that this behavior is not indended, is it? If it is, I’d add a comment somewhere in the [[files]] section of the fly.toml documentation.

Is the location on the VM the location of a mount?

I would assume that it would not persist unless you have a volume mounted.

Or the container did not VM on deployment.

I have a feeling the fly.toml only looks at what to add, and it does not have history to understand that a path or file was removed.

In theory the vm should not persist files unless it did not cycle or it’s on a volume.

No, it is not the location of a mount.
The file appears to persist, because the machine configuration is kept (guest_path and raw_value).

Thanks for the report, @amo. Could indeed be a flyctl bug. In the meantime, I think a workaround is to adjust Machines’ configs individually using fly machine update:

fly machine update <machine-id> --file-local /etc/nginx/conf.d/test1.conf=""

Edit: or change your fly.toml like so:

  guest_path = "/etc/nginx/conf.d/test1.conf"
  local_path = ""

And redeploy. I’m guessing you deleted the entire files section, which would be intuitive but doesn’t seem to do it at the moment.

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