Removing [statics] from fly.toml has no effect


I have removed the [[statics]] section from fly.toml since in my case it is more efficient to serve the files myself (to get better caching as they are immutable). I deployed more than half an hour ago but am still getting answers from the fly cdn. How long does it take to propagate removing the static “handler”.


This is a quirk with how our config logic interacts with toml. Removing the [[statics]] section entirely implies “no change” which keeps the old statics around. Try adding an empty [[statics]] section and deploying. This should push an empty list up and clear the config. Once that’s done you can remove [[statics]] and go on with life.

Well that fails validation:

Error Statics [0] Url prefix can't be blank

when I solely have:


in my fly.toml :&

Agh! This is a known issue. For now, a workaround is to set your statics to a random, non-existent path:

  guest_path = "/asdfasdf"
  url_prefix = "/asdfasdf"

Thanks, that did work!