Feature request: live update the deployment banner on the Monitoring page

On the Montoring page of the dashboard, the logs are live-streamed from a deploying container via Websocket.

However, the banner above it (pictured below) as well as the Allocations section are not part of those Websocket messages. This means that, while the logs show that a container is deployed, the banner at the top stays in the yellow “deploying” stage and the allocations are empty until a refresh.

It would be nice to add both of these sections to the live updates, so a user can:

  • see which containers are being spun up/down live
  • view their deployment completion status at a quick glance, without a refresh (which can take a while on slow internet)

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You got it. Should be live now :wink:



Wow that was fast! Thank you! :smile:

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