Monitoring page on dashboard doesn't update

Background: I’m on Starlink so I have the lovely CGNAT to contend with.

Whenever I ship deploys on fly, I can watch the deploy update via fly deploy or fly monitor but the Monitoring page itself requires a hard refresh before I see changes to the deploy information (logs stream in just fine).

I’m assuming this is a CGNAT issue but I’m honestly not sure.

It might be cgnat, but that would surprise me a little. Do you see any errors in the web inspector console?

Sorry I went on vacation promptly after writing this. I’ll follow up next week!

I can confirm the same thing. Logs come in fine but there are no deployment updates without a refresh. I don’t know if I’m on a CGNAT network, but I don’t normally have any problems with diffs being pushed from LiveView. I just monitored a deploy on the dashboard and there were no errors in the web console.