Feature Request: Environment Variables in UI

Hi there,

I just migrated from Heroku because of a raft of issues with them (including the free tier disappearing).

The process was incredibly seamless.


I would like to request updating environment variables using the UI.

That was a really nice feature of Heroku that makes things easy!

+1 Fly should add a UI element for env variables.

It has been asked before, but for secrets. Though, in that scenario, for Fly, security trumps dev-ex (rightfully so):

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Just to clarify. I used to use the ‘environment variables’ in Heroku which can be edited in the UI.

(perhaps it can be behind a certain permission?).

This would be extremely useful for setting up and changing. Seeing as the API call is already there it probably is not so much work! :slight_smile:

Or even just to overwrite what was there without having to boot up the command line!