Error in the 'Transfer Heroku Secrets' docs

I spotted an issue with the docs here that led me to accidentally delete the DATABASE_URL secret in my fly app.

(I’m not sure if there’s a better place to flag documentation issues/suggestions - apologies if I’m missing something :man_bowing:)

The example here actually imports all environment variables from Heroku except the ones listed out in the example. But the text underneath says/implies the opposite:

This command exports the following Heroku secrets: RAILS_MASTER_KEY , DATABASE_URL REDIS_URL , and REDIS_TLS_URL , and imports them into Fly.

I wanted to avoid importing these secrets, so updated the given example with all the variables I did want to import… The result was that I imported only the variables I didn’t want :man_facepalming:. My fault for careless copying - I didn’t spot the -v flag - but I think the docs should say something like:

This commands exports all your Heroku secrets except the following, which you probably don’t want to override in your Fly app:…

Nice catch. I shipped a fix to that page.
Thanks for reporting!

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