Feature Request: Download / rsync Fly volumes

I’ve used Fly for a while and am comfortable setting up Wireguard tunnels to connect to my machines. I’m bringing new team members onto Fly - and they are not as comfortable.

We have a production server with a volume mounted for uploaded files. They need to easily rsync the contents of this volume to their local machine for testing.

This has been previously addressed:

The fly sftp command is a helpful candidate here - specifically fly sftp shell as a way to bulk move files - but this is also opaque and difficult for junior team members.

For others who may have this challenge - please chime in with your thoughts - here’s a guide I’ve been sharing with my team for how to use the SFTP shell to move large directories around on a Fly machine: How To Use SFTP to Securely Transfer Files with a Remote Server | DigitalOcean

We provide you a VM, and you can install whatever you like on it. Including, for example, opensshd:

I’ve been doing this for quite a while, with machines rsyncing files to/from each other, and to/from an external machine for backups:

Give it a try! Feel free to post here if you have any questions.

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Thanks Mike.

I was able to solve a previously unsolvable problem with a one-off like this to figure out where my files were mounted on the system

fly ssh sftp find | grep filename

and then once I found it

fly ssh sftp get /home/nonroot/filename

but I didn’t know ahead of time where the volume was mounted within the filesystem and I don’t know off hand if “nonroot” is the common place where the volumes are mounted.

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