Volume Mounts

Hi all,

amI looking at using volumes for persistent data in our app. Is it possible to mount more than 1 volume, or to mount a volume with different destination paths?

Also, we need to fill our volume with initial static images, is it possible to mount a volume locally, or FTP into it?


Hi @kertof

It’s pretty much a no to all of your questions.

If the volume is only being preloaded once ever then one option is to manually create a machine with that volume mounted, then use the flyctl sftp · Fly Docs command. Afterwards you destroy the machine and scale up your app to use the new volume.

Let’s get creative. That machine doesn’t even have to be destroyed. Other things you can do:

  • You can create a Wireguard VPN into your network.

  • I have an app where I’ve installed openssh-server and rsync. I can rsync files from my home into the primary region, and then run rsync on that machine to copy the files to all the other regions. I’ve blogged about that app and the app itself is on github.

  • You can create multiple directories on your volume and create symbolic links from various directories outside the volume to individual directories on the volume.

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