External Connections instruction does not work anymore

Hi. Looks like a bug in Postgres on Fly.
Trying to set up External Connections but it fails though it worked 2 months ago and actions are super simple, no way to do anything wrong.

  1. I’ve created Postgres cluster (postgres 14.6 is the latest on fly at the moment)
  2. I’ve attached IP v4 to it’s app
  3. I’ve created fly.toml as per instructions External Connections · Fly Docs
  4. Deployed, no errors in terminal
    a. But it proposed to Migrate 1 existing machines into Fly Apps Platform which does not work and fails.
    b. I’ve recreated app from scratch and declined migration which just didn’t work.
  5. But deployed app is constantly relaunches looking in Monitoring (just every 2 seconds infinitely)

I already did this procedure 2 months ago and everything worked, so clearly looks like a bug.
Not sure where to report that, support does not want to receive report from Hobby plan and refusing email.