Help with fly db external connection

Hey there,

Currently have an postgres app, reachnotes-db that I don’t know where the original fly.toml file was to create the deployment.
I’m trying to follow the guide here: External Connections · Fly Docs
I was able to successfully create an ipv6 address for the app that displays as public in the flyio dashboard, but still unable to connect.

Note the db connect works in the context of the app, so essentially need a bit more assistance beyond what’s in the article above as the command is prompting a new db deployment vs. updating an existing db deployment with live data (which I don’t want to lose).

  1. Trying to create some mechanism where I can do a data dump or connect to the db URL outside of the fly io private network.
  2. I have a VPN client, possible I could set up a white list of ips that could connect to it?

Appreciate any advice,

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