Error Your fly.toml referenced an attribute 'http_service' but it is unknown. Double check the accepted attributes in fly.toml

Referring to App Configuration (fly.toml) · Fly Docs it seems there does exist a http_service attribute, unless I’m misunderstanding something.

What am I doing wrong? Thanks.

winston@stargate ~/p/sillypaste/service $ fly version
flyctl v0.0.454 linux/amd64 Commit: 8c59e3dc BuildDate: 2023-02-07T16:21:15Z
winston@stargate ~/p/sillypaste/service $ cat fly.toml
app = "sillypaste"


dockerfile = "Dockerfile"



# [[services]]
# internal_port = 8080
# protocol = "tcp"

  internal_port = 8080
  force_https = true
    type = "requests"
    soft_limit = 200
    hard_limit = 250

Same happened with me. I used normal service with http handler and it worked.

http_service is for v2 machines only - you may have a v1 nomad app?