Error when deploying: context deadline exceeded

Getting this error:

failed to fetch an image or build from source: error connecting to docker: failed building options: failed probing "sg-papertronics": context deadline exceeded

The context deadline exceeded error is usually an indicator of a connectivity issue. This could be a Wireguard issue or something blocking UDP traffic on your end (a VPN, university network, etc).
Try running fly wireguard websockets enable and see if that unblocks things, if it doesn’t, next step would be cleaning up Wireguard peers.

The app sg-papertronics doesn’t appear to exist anymore.

The error occurred in a Github action. I doubt this was a problem on Github’s end :frowning:

It’s an organisation :slight_smile:

It worked again after retrying the Action btw. But a CI workflow that fails sometimes is really annoying :grin:

Oh my bad!

So this was likely a DNS resolution timing out. I believe it tries to resolve _apps.internal TXT. We’ve made some changes to our DNS resolver, so I’m going to take a look if the change is causing this.

Did the situation improved? I made various tweaks.

I haven’t seen this issue since it happened 2 days ago! Thank you.