Error on `fly ssh console`

This worked after retrying, but still wanted to share:

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For reference: `fly ssh console -s` keeps showing old VMs - #16 by jerome

This was caused by the same issue?

I would think so. We’ve completely rewritten the DNS server and there was at least 1 bug in the old one (apart from the slow replication) where it would try to send too-big DNS responses over UDP (instead of truncating the response and setting the “truncate” flag to true). This results in hung queries if there are too many records returned. When a response is truncated, the resolver retries with TCP, but in this case it didn’t even know it had to retry.

^ this may not be quite right, but that’s my theory.

Definitely tell us if it happens again with your new peer.

Alright, thanks! I will let you know if it happens again.