"Error lease not found" when doing "fly deploy"

I’ve seen Error lease not found a few times when doing fly deploy --remote-only
Everything builds fine, and works if I retry.
What could be going wrong?

deployment-1659486927: digest: sha256:054ca851a5d274d20b4c2469c3b630f9b489f2738d242b8227351ac6f346033c size: 2424
--> Pushing image done
image: registry.fly.io/s-machine:deployment-1659486927
image size: 2.3 GB
Deploying with rolling strategy
Taking lease out on VM 591857e0a79d83
Updating VM 591857e0a79d83
Waiting for update to finish on 591857e0a79d83
Error lease not found

This is just a bug in the deploy process for machine apps. The lease is timing out before we attempt to remove it. This’ll get fixed before we make machine apps the default. :slight_smile:

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