error:error connecting to docker: An unknown error occured.

Anyone getting these problems deploying? with the error message:
DEBUG result image:<nil> error:error connecting to docker: An unknown error occured.
I’ve deleted the builder, but on fly deploy I keep getting the same issue.

I did just downscale both the app and db.
Jut in case its a region issue:
fly regions list:
Region Pool:
Backup Region:


Hey, can you try with debug enabled and fly deploy --local-only?

Hi Joshua,
thanks for your reply,
I get the same error with fly deploy --local-only
Error docker is unavailable to build the deployment image

Also, I never had Docker installed (not sure if that’s an issue or not).


Right - to build locally, you would need Docker installed. This could be a good idea to get around this problem until we can figure out what’s up with your remote builder.

Cheers, here is the full error output - don’t ask me why graphql is mentioned - I’m not using it.

**Deploying small-wildflower-4848**

==> Validating app configuration

DEBUG --> POST {{"query":"query($appName: String!, $definition: JSON!) { app(name: $appName) { parseConfig(definition: $definition) { definition valid errors services { description } } } }","variables":{"appName":"small-wildflower-4848","definition":{"deploy":{"release_command":"/app/bin/slider eval Slider.Release.migrate"},"env":{"DEPLOYED_APP_NAME":""},"kill_signal":"SIGTERM","kill_timeout":5,"services":[{"concurrency":{"hard_limit":25,"soft_limit":20},"internal_port":4000,"ports":[{"handlers":["http"],"port":80},{"handlers":["tls","http"],"port":443}],"protocol":"tcp","tcp_checks":[{"grace_period":"30s","interval":"15s","restart_limit":6,"timeout":"2s"}]}]}}}


DEBUG <-- 200 (576.81ms) {"data":{"app":{"parseConfig":{"definition":{"kill_timeout":5,"kill_signal":"SIGTERM","processes":[],"deploy":{"release_command":"/app/bin/slider eval Slider.Release.migrate"},"experimental":{"allowed_public_ports":[]},"services":[{"protocol":"tcp","internal_port":4000,"concurrency":{"soft_limit":20,"hard_limit":25,"type":"connections"},"ports":[{"port":80,"handlers":["http"]},{"port":443,"handlers":["tls","http"]}],"tcp_checks":[{"interval":"15s","timeout":"2s","grace_period":"30s","restart_limit":6}],"http_checks":[],"script_checks":[]}],"env":{"DEPLOYED_APP_NAME":""}},"valid":true,"errors":[],"services":[{"description":"TCP 80/443 ⇢ 4000"}]}}}}

--> Validating app configuration done


TCP 80/443 ⇢ 4000

DEBUG trying local docker daemon

DEBUG Local docker daemon unavailable

DEBUG trying remote docker daemon

DEBUG Trying 'Buildpacks' strategy

DEBUG no buildpack builder configured, skipping

DEBUG result image:<nil> error:<nil>

DEBUG Trying 'Dockerfile' strategy

DEBUG --> POST {{"query":"mutation($input: EnsureMachineRemoteBuilderInput!) { ensureMachineRemoteBuilder(input: $input) { machine { id state ips { nodes { family kind ip } } }, app { name organization { slug } } } }","variables":{"input":{"appName":"small-wildflower-4848","organizationId":null}}}


DEBUG <-- 500 (32.76s) {"errors":[{"message":"An unknown error occured.","extensions":{"code":"SERVER_ERROR"}}],"data":{}}

DEBUG result image:<nil> error:error connecting to docker: An unknown error occured.

Error error connecting to docker: An unknown error occured

flyctl operates on the Fly GraphQL API, that’s why :smiley:

We’ll take a look at this.