error connecting to docker: Error waiting for remote builder app: context deadline exceeded

I was able to deploy this morning but as of the last hour I keep getting the same error.

We’re shipping a fix for a broad set of these kinds of issues. It’s available in the pre release. If you’re not using Windows and you want to try it, run this:

curl -L | sh -s pre

If you’re using a homebrew version, uninstall that first.

At the mechanic, but as soon as I get home I’ll try. I’m on a Linux box.

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Great, that curl command will work then!

Just worked!

We found a handful of builders that weren’t booting properly and fixed the underlying problem. If you run into this again, you can run fly status --all <builder-name> and see if VMs are failing. This is something we should be able to handle more gracefully.

Got it! I’ll be on the lookout! Thanks for taking care of it so quickly