ENVs shown by printenv don't match build envs printed to console

We are looking to port an application over from Heroku and are testing it on Fly.io.
When our application boots up, it prints the ENVs (redacting secret values) to the console. The values that are being printed during boot up are NOT matching what we loaded in via the fly secrets set command. That is concerning.

What is REALLY concerning is that the values I see appear to match values from our Heroku setup on production. How is that possible? Was there an automagical reading of those values and then setting them?

Hi @mobilevet

I believe you need to go to the settings in your Heroku app and disable webhooks that point to Fly.io.

Morning @dusty.

It sounds like you might be on to something except that I did not make any connections to Fly from Heroku. Both Heroku and Fly are connected to Github, but those are the only connections I am aware of.

Locally I have ‘remotes’ to each location… is there a chance that Fly does something there as part of a quick setup routine?