Downloading a deployed image?

Strange situation, but a client project’s source files were eaten in an OS update, and the only known copy is in a crashed VM on fly.

Is it possible to download this crashed VM? The restart command doesn’t appear to do anything.

If the source code was built into the image you can pull it down from our registry and extract it from there. You can find the current image for an app with flyctl like this:

$ flyctl image show -a <app-name>
  Registry   =                                                          
  Repository = <app-name>
  Tag        = <deployment-tag>
  Version    = N/A                                                                      
  Digest     = sha256:62cfe9bec68d01d...

Then pull with Docker:

docker pull<app-name>@<digest>

You might need to authenticate docker first by running flyctl auth docker

Good luck!

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Thank you so much. No source, but everything I need is there.

FWIW it was a workshop project and although I’ve got no excuse for not putting it in source control already, I did not expect a Windows update to delete the .vhdx file where it was stored. That’s what I get for letting the Microsoft App Store manage WSL :smiley: