Domain works with www, but not without the www

I am hosting a nodejs server with a static site in a docker container on
I own a domain that i purchased through, and i set up the DNS records as such:

However, although works, works, but doesn’t.

I get:

This site can’t be reached unexpectedly closed the connection.



@user84 Does the your Fly dashboard give you the green light on your certificate DNS validations? That _acme-challenge entry doesn’t look complete to me — I would have thought you’d need two entries there for and for all your URLs to work correctly.

Sorry i mean to reply to my own… i had a cert for *, but i also needed one for Honestly not sure why that fixed it but it did!

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Although now im struggling how to get http to auto-redirect to https when i am deploying a static site?

Is this still the nodejs app you’re referring to? If it is you’d probably want a middleware that checks the protocol and redirects if it’s http. But this will need to be some kind of behaviour change either way.