Domain name provider to recommend?

Hi, do you recommand a domain name provider that fit well with

I know it’s a but off topic, but something choosing a Domain name provider that “fit” (a bit integrated) well with the server provider is a plus.

Moreover, sometimes server providers have discount on a domain name.

Fly themselves use and recommend DNSimple for both registrar and nameservers: Getting a random DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN error - #2 by jerome

I prefer Cloudflare for nameservers, and Namecheap / Google Domains for registration.

Sites like Gandi and GoDaddy are some of the other popular options.

If you’re into FOSS, see DeSec.

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The answer depends on what kind of DNS service you want to get. If it’s free or the cheapest then see @ignoramous answer.

For business purposes, my preferred combo is Namecheap for registration and DNSMadeEasy for nameservers. Why? Because reliability. In my experience, nameservers coming from registrars are not very reliable and tend to cause downtime at least several times a year. A paid managed DNS name server solves that. I think Cloudflare nameserver may work ok as well in that role.


It seems that also use OVH Cloud. Is it still the case?
cf. Which datacenters are OVH's ones?