Does Tigris charge for 403/Unauthorized bucket access request?

I know Tigris offers that they can cutdown bill in case of an attack, I’d still like to know if requests that result in 403 for example are billed to the user. Here’s an example scenario

Also to clarify on the egree pricing, what are the minority cases you mean when you say

we don’t charge for regional data transfer, region-to-region data transfer, or data transfer out to the internet (egress) in the majority of use cases

I’d like to know if I have services within and Azure, if it means request from Azure functions will cost an egree fee. It’s just seem unclear with that statement and I don’t want to get a surprise bill since I’m comparing between using Tigris and using Cloudflare R2 (which from calculation seems to be cheaper than Tigris and Linode/Akamai)

@pmbanugo, we consider this another form of attack, so we won’t bill the user for 403.

Regarding the egress billing, the docs talk about extraordinary bandwidth requirements, which are generally in the PB per month range.

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