Does support privileged containers?

I want to run bwrap inside my docker container. This seems to require the container to run in privileged mode. Does anyone know whether this is supported?

I can’t say for sure whether this particular software will work, but it definitely should!

We use docker images to make things simple and consistent, but apps don’t run inside Docker proper - they run as individual Firecracker virtual machines. You should be able to do just about anything in your machines, including running docker itself!

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Remember that docker images are used mainly as a packaging format for you to ship your rootfs around, but these get unpacked into a real filesystem and run by an actual full virtual machine (a reduced-footprint one, see and thus stuff running in it has all the privileges and capabilities of running in a real hardware-emulated VM.

Fairly easy to create an app with a stock Ubuntu or Debian image, install bwrap and give it a try, but like Allison says, it should totally work.

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thanks for the info!

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