Run docker containers inside of app

Hey all, I have an executable that uses some internal docker containers under the hood- how could I support this when deploying to fly? I have it running (and erroring since docker is not present) inside an minimal alpine container and I’m flexible to change the container it’s in. I know this is virtualization in virtualization but that is my intended result. Please let me know if Fly supports this!

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I’ve used this Docker daemon with much success! GitHub - fly-apps/docker-daemon: A Docker daemon to run in Fly and access via a WireGuard peer.

Note though that fly machines don’t come with the “statefullness” often associated with a host running Docker containers. You probably need to attach a volume if you want caching, persistent restarts, etc

Depending on how much control you have over the workload spawning containers, you could tweak it to use the Fly Machines API too

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