Do VMs sleep?


I deployed an app to process all my jobs and I have one that is supposed to run once every hour non-stop. I noticed in my logging application that it only runs for a few hours after a deployment and then stops. Maybe something is wrong with my code (it previously worked on digitalocean but I changed some stuff), but I also want to confirm that the app should be always running on the server?

Apps should always been running. Except for when they exit, then they’re automatically restarted.

Would you mind providing the app name? I can take a closer look at what happened to it. Also, if you flyctl status, you should see all instances and their status.

Thanks! In that case, I think it might be a problem with the code itself, I’ll debug further. If you want to take a look, the app name is caddie-api-jobs. I unfortunately didn’t notice until after I redeployed but I’ll check the status next time if this happens again.

EDIT: It happened again but the status shows that it is running so most definitely something in this code.